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Spec Bait Colors

Spec, speck, or speckled, the color pattern in this class of lures is like a coat of arms, regular and varied.

5 spec baits, assorted colors

A spec bait lure-body is often solid white, yellow, green, or black. Sometimes the lure's head is painted red with a white or yellow body color. The surface of a spec lure sports dots that contrast with the body color: black, yellow, or white. The dot patterns vary, adorning the lure in even or staggered rows. The face of most speck baits has only two eye 'specs'. The position of the eye-specs relative to the line-tie often makes the line-tie a virtual nose. Eye placement on the lure's face can be indicative of the lure's maker.

Al's Spec Lure Faces

Variations beyond this color pattern on spec type baits are few and specific; Heddon's Zig-Wag and Basser and other similar baits have a spec-type face-cut with more of a bottom lip. The longer forehead wood-cut that makes the lure top-water, rather than diving, and the solid color spotted body, define what a speck lure is.

There are several known spec bait makers in the Hoosier state. Al Repogle is the most often cited spec maker. A.T. Death, the principal of the Sure-Catch Bait Company in Unionville, made a recognizable spec, the Night Hawk, in the late 1920's. Other known makers include the Fort Wayne Bait Company and C.E. Beaird of Macy, IN, Noyna Lake (the two are somehow related), and Ramco.