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The record suggests that there was some sort of sharing going on between lure makers relative to the forms and features of the lures they made. Did they talk together on the phone? Correspond via the mail? Travel and sell? Trade shows? I really can't go much beyond that right now as I do not have any more evidence. I'm working to learn more, and will add it here when possible.

So how can I make such assertions with just a handful of baits and a bunch of pictures in books? Because I've seen it in other Indiana lures. The pattern of shared designs is evident in a lot of baits. Patent infringement problems reigned in lure manufacturing during the first half of the twentieth century. Such baits will be the subjects of further stories.

If you have more information about Hoosier spec baits, OR SPEC BAITS FOR SALE OR TRADE ; ^ ), please contact me, Peter Tagtmeyer, at lurz@hoosierfishinglure.info.

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