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Indiana Spec Baits

'Spec'ifications for a particular Hoosier lure.

Indiana "spec" or "speck" baits have easy to identify color schemes and body shape attributes. The variety of people who made and marketed "Hoosier Spec" baits shows how a given "type" of lure is expressed in different ways through time.

A White, Red and Black Al's Spec Bait
A White, Red and Black Al's Spec Bait

Body shape

The bait's body is usually 2 7/8 inches in length with its circumference narrowing front-to-back. The lure's belly has a shallow, uniform taper from head to tail. The head of the lure maintains a uniform, or close to width in the front for 3/4 to 1 inch, whereupon the back narrows down with the belly to a flat, slightly rounded-edge tail. This particular cut gives the effect of a fish-head with some shoulder. Different speck baits vary in the length of the shoulder or lack one altogether and have just a narrowing cylindrical body.

Speck Bait Body Shape Diagram
Speck Bait Body Shape Diagram

The lure's unique kisser is a signature feature. A slightly obtuse angle-cut into the lure's face creates a forward-thrusting forehead and a jutting lip-jaw. Some Al's Spec baits have compound cuts on the lip that form a cubistic kinda tongue protrusion. The line tie eye-screw is usually attached centrally, slightly above the jaw cut, anchored into just about where you would expect an esophagus. The face-cut on a speck bait, and the line-tie attachment to it, are features that help distinguish different kinds of speck baits.

Al's Spec, white with black specs

A spec bait's color scheme is a telling attribute of this kind of bait.