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Ramco's New "Speck"
"New" Ramco Speck?

This bait is seemingly new in a variety of ways. The box lid indicates that it was available from Al's hometown, Michigan City, Indiana, and Newburgh, New York, which is on the Hudson river north of New York City. There's also a Newburgh just outside of Evansville, Indiana.

Ramco Speck Box Lid

The Ramco is a shorter and more stout lure compared to Al's Spec. Unlike Al's, the Ramco has a washer type hook cup on the belly and a tail cap on the tail hook.

Green with white spots Ramco Speck bait

An exhaustive search of the fishing lure ID books finds no mention of this lure. Indeed, the lure seems to have surfaced in the last year or so. The only recorded information found to date is on the box lid. A fair number have only recently been seen in on-line auctions. Also of note is that all the baits seen thus far have been NIB. So the question persists, whence the Ramco?

I don't know, that's why I put this here. Do you know anything about the Ramco Speck? Tell me about it, and we can preserve the history of the people who made the lures we love.