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Als Spec in a small box

Lure-box lids, and some paperwork indicate that Albert Repogle manufactured "Al's Spec" lures. The address on box lids places him at 318 Franklin St., Michigan City, Indiana. Carl White provides an early reference photo of an "Al's Special" lure attributed to "Al's Bait Co." and dated 1931 in his book "Fishing Tackle Antiques: Reference & Evaluation."(1) The bait pictured there sports a traditional spec pattern. Notably, Al's Spec is the very first picture in the book's section on lures. But more curious, the lure is not listed in a later rendition of Carl's work.(2)

Lore has it that "Al Repogle was a Barber" who made lures in his basement. Given the wealth of physical evidence of Al's Spec baits, documentation that better describes the history of the lure maker is "still out there". There are stories about the lure-making Barber's activities yet to be heard.

For instance, it would be interesting to know what, if any, bearing A.T. Death's Night Hawk lure had on Al's designs.

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