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Homarth DoodleBug Analog

Homarth DoodleBug Analog

The body shape of the Homarth and Joseph's DoodleBug is similar,
a bumble-bee form with head and tail sections.

The tail-end of a Homarth comes to a point that is usually tacked.
The tail-end of a DoodleBug is rounded.

Homarth Tails


courtsey of

Dan Basore

Joseph's DoodlleBug Tails
Homarth Tails DoodleBug Tails

However, the diving lip on both lures is the exact same design with different markings.
The lip design is unique and was patented in 1931 by Joseph Neukam, the maker of Joseph's DoodleBug.

Lip patented by Neukam Homarth

There is no imprint on the lips of DoodleBug lures.
Homarth baits have "Homarth Pat" imprinted on the lip.

Lip stamped Homarth

So it seems that the Homarth bait and Joseph's DoodleBug have a lot in common. Kimball's early reference to Joseph's DoodleBug acknowledges a connection (Kimball). However, there's still a bit more to the mystery, and I hope you can help.

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