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    Please note: this table is incomplete. Entries will be added and existing entries will be linked to new pages as information is gathered and refined. There may also be errors. If you find such, please let me know so I can can maked corrections.
Main Entry Location Company Persons Lure Names
Ackerman, Jasper Leander Monticello --- Ackerman, Jasper Leander Ackerman Minnow
Bailey, Simon K Rochester --- Bailey, Simon K Manitou Minnow
Barbee Bait Co. Fort Wayne Barbee Bait Co. Dickens, John W Slo-Poke
Bauman - Harnish Auburn Bauman - Harnish --- Fisherman's Pal Mouse
Bill Walters Bait Co. Jasonville Bill Walters Bait Co. Walters, Bill B-W Spinner
Bite-Em-Bait Co. Warsaw, Fort Wayne Bite-Em-Bait Co. Wenger, Arthur W; Rodgers, Claude M Bite-Em-Bate - Bite-Em-Bait - et al
Bowersox, George Portland --- Bowersox, George Bowersox Minnow
Brandel Bait Co. Muncie Brandel Bait Co. --- Double-B
Budd's Bait Co. Jeffersonville Budd's Bait Co. Budd, Bob Budd's Bug, Bob Budd's Underwater Bug
Calligan Co., Incoporated Kendallville Calligan Co., Incoporated --- Calligan Super Floating
Carter's Bestever Bait Co. Indianapolis - Dayton Carter's Bestever Bait Co. Carter, Thomas J Bestever
Champion Bait Mfg. Co. South Bend Champion Bait Mfg. Co. --- Super Wabbler
Clarks Bait Co. La Porte Clarks Bait Co. Clark Brothers Make'Em-Bite
Colwell Bait Co. Muncie Colwell Bait Co. ---
Dickens Bait Co. Fort Wayne Dickens Bait Co. Dickens, John W Liar Convertable Minnow - Weedless Wonder
Edwood Co. Elkhart Edwood Co. --- Sun Spot
Fort Wayne Bait & Reel Co. Fort Wayne Fort Wayne Bait & Reel Co. Blee, Charles Submarine Bait
Gaide Bait Fort Wayne --- Carl, JW Gaide Bait
Greider, Jethrow A Cromwell --- Greider, Jethrow A Retreating Minnow
Hardy, JA Lakeville --- Hardy, JA Hardy Bait
Hardy, William A Monticello --- Hardy, William A Hardy Interchangeable Casting Minnow
Hartig Osceola Hartig --- Hartig's Spinning Lure
Hayes Bait Co. Indianapolis Hayes Bait Co. --- Hayes Feather Minnow, Go-Getter
Henkenius Kane Plug Fort Wayne --- Henkenius, Peter; Kane, James M Henkenius Kane Plug
Homarth Co. Indianapolis Homarth Co. --- Near Surface Bait
Hoosier Bait Co. Kokomo Hoosier Bait Co. --- Bill's Hoosier Hackle Bucktail and Bass Flies
Hubs-Chub Arcadia Hubs-Chub --- Rattalure
Humphrey Bait Co. Jacksonville Humphrey Bait Co. --- Red's Old Timer
International Tackle Co. South Bend International Tackle Co. --- Pelican
Jack's Lures Columbus Jack's Lures --- Jack's Dual Spinner
Jemco Bait Co. East Gary Jemco Bait Co. --- Sonic Live Action
Joe's Doodlebug Jasper FishRite. Joeseph Neukam Doodle Bug, Near Surface Bait
Kantz, JO Nappanee --- Kantz, JO YPSI Minnow
Keller Rochester --- Keller Gets-Em
Mercury Worm Angola K-L Co. Ken S. Clapp Mercury Worm
LaGrange Bait Co. LaGrange LaGrange Bait Co. Smith, Charles H Wiggle Tail Minnow - Smith Minnow
Lloyd's Incoporated South Bend Lloyd's Incoporated --- Mermaid Queen
Myers Lure Co. Logansport Myers Lure Co. --- Crazy Loon
Neal Bait Manufacturing Co. Columbus Neal Bait Manufacturing Co. Neal, Carl Neal Spinners
Outing Manufacturing Co. Elkhart Outing Manufacturing Co. --- Get-um
R.D. Suman & Co., Inc. Richmond R.D. Suman & Co., Inc. Suman, RD The Black Ace - Black Duece
Ramco Products Michigan City Ramco Products --- Ramco Speck
Replogle, Albert Michigan City --- Replogle Albert Al's Spec
Schrenker Bait Co. Elwood Schrenker Bait Co. --- SUBBER LURE
Specialty Manufacturing Co. Goshen Specialty Manufacturing Co. --- Worden Bucktail
Staley - Johnson Mfg Co. Inc Fort Wayne Staley - Johnson Mfg Co. Inc --- Gold Band Lures, Twin-Minnow, Honey
Staley Marine, Inc. Fort Wayne Staley Marine, Inc. --- hiSport
Stream-Eze Inc South Bend Stream-Eze Inc --- Virgin Mermaid
Stuphin's Darter Indianopolis Stuphin Stuphin Stuphin's Darter
Sure Catch / Strike Master Union City Sure Catch / Strike Master Death AT
Tropical Bait Co. Indianapolis Tropical Bait Co. Danfoth, Ned H Stormy Petrel - Bugeye Babbler - Fuzzy Duck
Vacuum Bait Co North Manchester Vacuum Bait Co Howe, Frank O Vacuum Bass Bait
Wheeler-Lunbeck Mfg. Co. Valparaiso Wheeler-Lunbeck Mfg. Co. --- Pelican
Wilcox Charles M Anderson, Elwood --- Wilcox, Charles M Wilcox Wiggler; Redhead Floater
Winchester Bait & Manufacturing Winchester, Muncie Winchester Bait & Manufacturing Williams, Oliver H (L) Lucky Hit Bait
Worden Bucktail Bait Co. South Bend Worden Bucktail Bait Co. Worden, FG Worden Bucktail Combination Minnow, et al